Genealogy Studies

Genealogy studies have taken me to places, cemeteries, libraries, and genealogical websites. As I have compiled my ancestry, I see the importance for place studies to create a picture of theancestor’s life. While most of my research involves my family names, I havebuilt family lines for clients and researched specific areas as well. Thereseems to be a common thread amongst the population with the same surname, withthe same spelling or variants they say, “My family comes from [state name]. Wecouldn’t be related since you are from [state name].” Sometimes the spelling ofthe surname becomes troublesome for them, and they say, “My family name isspelled [family name spelling], and your family name is [family name spelling].We couldn’t possibly be related.”

Early on, I became interested in variations of spelling, and other locations where my ancestors lived. Forexample, I found a cousin who lives in Canada and one in California who issince deceased. Sometimes the ancestors come to America with one name, but as timepasses and they migrate to different locales, the name develops variants.Another example of studying surnames, is I have a Silas Sweeney in my familyhistory; however, I found information about him in the Poyner’s Bible.

This website,, family history will include my four core family names, plus many others in the secondary line, etc., and from clients who permit me to use their information. As a side interest, old photographs some of which will have the person’s name on the reverse side. Those also will be included on the website with related researchwhich is a work in progress and alerts with new information added to my blog.